Youth Workforce Development

Mobile Food Entrepreneurs

Pearl SMART Network in Detroit, train youth to become Culinary Entrepreneurs. Pearls UnStopppable focus on food management, Culinary Skill Development, and Community Impact. We use food as community outreach and support other local Food Entrepreneurs.


We train students to manage food and operate Independent Mobile Food Carts. We use mobile food cart as an introduction to Entrepreneurship. 

Students are trained for 5-weeks, then given a job working a mobile food cart. Students will have the opportunity to create Pop-up restaurants throughout the year, and learn how to work as a Team Leader. Students will also learn Culinary Arts skills to assist with Job Placement and Community Development.


Students will gain culinary experience and a food certification to further pursue a career in culinary arts, if desired. In addition, students will give back to community by:

  • Helping to Prep Meals for community 
  • Serving dinner to preschool students
  • Farm fresh products on a farm and in Urban gardens     

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