Pearl Youth Development

100 Boys Strong Leaders


100 Boys Strong, is an initiative created to expose young men to Leadership Training, Team Building, and Camping.  The Goal of 100 Boys Strong is to lay the foundation for Strong and Conscious Leaders inside and outside of school.  100 Boys Strong focuses on 4 Main Areas:  (1 ) Physical Health, (2) Mental Health, (3) Leadership and (4) Team Building.    

100 Boys Strong Retreat is the highlight of our male youth development in Detroit program. Boys ages 10-16 years old have the experience of a lifetime on a camp site. 

During camp, boys face their Fears on High-Rope courses, and gear up for Strategic Paint-Ball “Wars”. Hands Down, WE have the Most CREATIVE and Life Changing Retreats in the World. 

Boys in Leadership

Pearl Pathfinders


Pearl Leadership Youth Development in Detroit, prepare youth in Business Readiness, Community Development, and Skills Trade. Our goal is to inspire young people to become Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders in their communities. We train future Entrepreneurs and Community Leaders to bridge the gap between Business and nonprofit Community Development.

Pearl Pathfinders work with the community to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs to explore, research, and create sustainable businesses through our Summer Apprenticeship programs.     

Workforce Development

Pearl Mobile Food Leaders


Pearl Mobile Food Entrepreneurs - is our youth development program that prepare students for leadership roles in culinary arts.  Youth gain skills which allow them to become Culinary Entrepreneurs.  By the end of the program, Detroit Youth will have the necessary skills to create and sustain a mobile food business.  

Pearls Mobile focus on Food Safety and Management, Culinary Skills Development, and Community Impact. We use food as community outreach and support other local Food Entrepreneurs.