Inspire, Motivate, and Prepare Girls in STEM

Pearl SMART Girls

STEM Girls in Detroit, Michigan

Science, Mathematics, Art, Reading, Technology Girls (SMART)

Pearl SMART Network prepare girls and young women for careers in STEM fields.  

Pearl SMART Girls participate in intensive SMART workshops and learn from diverse engineers as an introduction to STEM careers. Pearl SMART Girls are prepared to compete Nationally and Internationally in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Connect with SMART Girls

SMART Girls from around the Globe Meet and Connect with Other SMART Girls to Build a Network for SMART Learning.

Pearl SMART Girls goal is to build strong networks for girls in STEM. We  support and partner with organizations that mentor and create Safe Communities for women in STEM. 

STEM in Detroit

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Pearl SMART Network in Detroit is Committed to Increasing STEM in Detroit. Retaining Girls in Detroit in STEM careers is our #1 Priority. .   

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